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  • Registration/Payment Policy
    All students must be registered prior to their program start date. A student is fully registered in a program once the following materials are complete and submitted: Signed Registration Form Program Fee (2023/2024: $600 per participant) All financial/payment inquiries should be directed to the school administration.
  • Withdrawal/Refund Policy
    Written notice is required for all program withdrawals. Any student who wishes to withdraw from a program before the third rehearsal (November 29th, 2023) will be refunded in full (minus a 10% administrative fee). Withdrawals after the third rehearsal but before the December 6th auditions are subject to a 50% refund. Withdrawals after this period are nonrefundable.
  • Attendance/Lateness/Absences Policy
    Students must attend all classes. If a student will be away or late for class, it is the student’s responsibility to email prior to class; Rehearsal choreography videos will be made available shortly after each rehearsal and it is the student’s responsibility to watch these videos/practice with castmates to catch up on what they have missed. A student may be removed from a number if they miss a major music/choreography/ blocking rehearsal and are not willing to catch up on their own time. If a student is repeatedly late or misses two or more classes, they may not be able to continue with the program and take part in the final performances (at the discretion of the artistic team).
  • Participation/Behaviour Policy
    Participants are expected to attend all classes with enthusiasm, positivity, and an eagerness to learn. Students should engage actively in each rehearsal and come prepared to succeed. Respect for fellow students and teachers is very important. There will be zero tolerance for bullying or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Extra Lessons/Private Coaching Policy
    Make-up/additional coaching sessions are available at an additional fee and must be arranged with the appropriate staff’s schedule of availability. Please contact to arrange a session.
  • Costumes Policy
    All major costume pieces will be provided by The Players Theatre Company. Students may be asked to bring in various items (Ex. white dress shirt, black pants, dress shoes, etc.) to augment their character’s looks. A list of which will be provided for each production. Students should be expected to provide an all-black “base” that will be worn under all their costumes: black t-shirt, black pants, and black shoes (with no logos or markings).
  • Personal Technology Policy
    All smartphones, tablets, and laptops must be turned off or put on silent while in the rehearsal room/backstage/during performances (unless otherwise approved by instructors if informed of an expected or urgent call). Any class instructor maintains the right to collect any item of personal technology and hold it until the end of a class.
  • Health/COVID-19 Policy
    While attendance is mandatory and must be prioritized, we recognize that sickness is sometimes unavoidable. Out of consideration for our participants and staff, please do not attend program sessions if you are unwell and are unable to safely participant. In the event of ongoing or major illness, please contact the director immediately to make appropriate arrangements. We agree to comply with the health/COVID-19 rules and regulations set by the school.
  • General Liability Release
    Students, parents, and guardians agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless The Players Theatre Company and the employees and contractors, from and against all claims of injury, damage or loss of any kind whatsoever arising out of the participation in our programs.
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